Monday, September 24, 2012


Ia ora na Russell,

How are you ?

I'm pleased to have by Drusilla your e-mail,
So I can hope to have some news 
from you and your young writers,

I would like to congratulate you 
for your Awards in September,
It's wonderful !
I knew it by Drusilla,
And I read Anuki, sometimes.

I let you know that there is a possibility 
for you and for your writers to send texts, poems,...
to be published in an electronic review in Europe, 
Vents Alizés in Budapest (Hungria),

I wrote to Amanda Donigi also 
after having her e-mail by Drusilla

I'll receive the texts for the Pacific area that I'll send
as a member of the comity

 A Doctorant (French word) in overseas French literature,
and Pacific literature, 
teacher at the University of Budapest
would like to have your email,

So can I send it to him?
I'll wait for your response before sending  it to him,

Russell, I apologize for my English,
I do my best.

Well, I'm writing to you before living
tonight for three weeks to spend in France,
I hope to have news from you,
I'm very pleased to share this moment with you,
Warm regards,


Flora, bonjour, at long last we are in touch.

Thank you for your kind words. They uplift me tremendously and I feel blessed.

I am glad you are in touch with Amanda and the rest. A very good crowd
to know in PNG literature!

Please forward my e-mail to those who wish to correspond. It is good.

I will see what I can send, but they might be interested in my 

which I am compiling at present.

Good, until then

Bien cordialement!