Monday, July 30, 2012


By Loujaya Toni

Twenty two women
Sitting ducks

Shot at


By trigger happy mouths;

A nameless, faceless number

Threatening shadows

Women in waiting

Wanna-be politicians

Hopeful governors;

Unknown but significant
Twenty two women

All wanting

In on parliament;

They are daunting shadows
Reaching in
To the men’s haus
Haunting his wildest political dreams
Forcing a hand in his schemes
A very present number
At all
His deliberations
Seen and heard more
Than a mere apparition;
Twenty two women
Waiting their dues.

Posted courtesy of Tribal Mystic, Emmanuel Narokobi and PNG Attitude. A review of this strong poem with the emphasis on the line "A nameless faceless number" will be read at the Crocodile Literary gathering in September this year.