Thursday, December 15, 2011

Should NASA make a press statement?

The President of the National Academic Staffing Association (NASA) of the University of Papua New Guinea, Ms Eleina Butuna, has asked members of the association if a press statement was in order for the current situation in the PNG Government. And we quote:

Hi all
The SC 5 bench handed down its decision.  Three ruled for Somare's return to power and 2 descent. The SC has spoken but what do you think as ordinary citizens??

Any intellectual thoughts? What will happen to the 2012 budget which is the most important determinant of any government? Will the O'Neil opposition now defeat its own budget who were in government yesterday? Will Polye's NA re-converge with Chief Somare? I have more questions than answers!  Should NASA make a press statement?

President- Eleina

In response to which, storyboard’s suggestion, as follows:

I think NASA should make a press statement along the lines that everyone else has had his share of being a Prime Minister.

You will notice that those who have come and gone are now sitting quiet but giving good advice here and there.

The Somares, the Wingtis, the Namalius, the Chans, the Skates; it's like everybody has had his share of the cake. But look who we have now. Here's Somare back asking for more! In any democratic  environment this is asking for disaster. The three arms of the government are all we have. What else can we ask for in PNG since it has been experimented innumerable times that other forms of government cannot work. There will be no one from outside intervening in this affair. To do so will mean a far greater disaster than we all can envisage, even manage.

Somare must be willing to assume the role of a retired, well-respected leader, and he can only do this nation a great service by becoming himself an armchair critic, adviser, mentor. Nothing more. Let the young and robust taste the spirit of leadership and how to bail this country out from all its economic woes even though we say we are rich. Let democracy unveil herself of her everlasting beauty!

That would be the only solution to the present "crisis".

"That government is best which governs not at all."
                                       - Henry David Thoreau