Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome to the storyboard

Welcome to Soaba's Storyboard. This blog is purposely created for the student of literature and creative writing at Papua New Guinean universities and schools. We notice as well that visitors from elsewhere find our pages just as useful. Thank you for visiting. Be reminded also that your comments and suggestion will help Papua New Guinean students of literature and creative writing immensely. Reviews and opinions on writing and literature offered for these pages will do us wonders especially in our desire to know how other cultures view us as well suggest ways through which we can all improve our aspirations towards  knowing more about the wonderful world of literature and creative writing. Feel free to send in poems for the blog by emailing us at: ribuadakaipune[at]gmail[dot]com.

A lot of the articles represented on this blog appear in Soaba's Storyboard, the National Weekender newspaper of Papua New Guinea, on Fridays. Overseas visitors may have difficulty in logging in onto The National Weekender, so our best advise is you long on to our other blog, The Anuki Country Press.

Welcome indeed to Soaba's Storyboard!